Mette Marie List

Mette Marie List

Curriculum Vitae

Msc. in Information Technology; Multimedia Designer; and Digital Concept Developer

I finished my Information Technology Master’s degree (ITKO) in 2019 from Aarhus University. This education has a strong focus on the managerial aspect of IT projects including communication with stakeholders and the overall organization of a project and its teams, where agile and SCRUM-based workflows are the main focus. This means that the capabilities acquired at ITKO is not just of technical character but has a focus on management, which can be used in supervising, controlling and consulting work around and in IT projects.

With that said, there is also a great focus on preparing us for working with programmers and other technical staff in some of the subjects taught, such as Programming, System Development and Databases. This gives me and my fellow students a solid foundation for working in the field between hands-on programming teams and management teams, hence creating a firm foundation for optimal workflow and efficiency.

The communications, analytics and marketing parts of ITKO provide us with an eye for business development and strategy, and give us the ability to see the opportunities in the market with a focus on creating value for the costumer as well as the company.

My educational and work experience prior to my Master’s degree has mainly been focused on marketing, design, web, UX, concept development and the like. This gives me an overall broad knowledge and insight in many aspects of communication and marketing as part of a company’s strategy.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here you can read the official ITKO competency profile (Danish) from Aarhus University and the latest research (Danish) from Seismonaut about the competencies of Msc. in IT graduates.

For further details about me, my educations and work experience please take a look at my CV and do feel free to contact me if you find my work and/or experience interesting.