about me

My name is Mette, I was born a hot summernight i 1985 in Copenhagen where I’ve lived all my life.
I have been on the creative path for many years, and my trials in photography,illustration and graphic design has shaped me into who I am today, though I never stop expanding my knowledge and skills. I have a great interest in design, art, illustration, web, branding, usability, communication and more.

I finished my multimediadesign education in 2012. Prior to this education I have been studying photography and taken courses in graphic design. In January 2014 I finished my bachelor in e-concept development.

  • I have excellent skills in design, HTML, CSS, visual identity, concepts, communication and usability.
  • I have aprox. 8 years of experience in Adobe CS3, 4 and 5, design and photography from my educations, projects, jobs and internships.
Please take a look at my CV, explore my portfolio and contact me if you find my work/me interesting.