Yesterday I finished the book “Designing for the Social Web” by Joshua Porter, and I thought I had to make a blogpost about it, because I can truely recommend this book to anyone who works with webdesign in any shape or form.

The book is easy to read, understand and use. There are plenty examples of how known and established websites work and handle different problems on how to make people visit the website, create an acount, buy stuff, being a active user and contributer and keep doing it.

He talks about how social websites are different from other types of websites. On social websites there’s a big focus on the dynamics between users, and how the activity of users themselves make the website grow and usefull to new and potential users. He uses Amazon as an example, because one of the reasons Amazon is so popular is because of the reviews that other users contribute with. Potential costumers have much more faith in other costumers than in the companies trying to sell something.

So basicly, to make a great social website you should focus on how to make people stay active on your site rather than on how to make people visit it in the first place. Because if you make it attractive and exciting to use, the power of “word of mouth” will do the rest.

This book is not a Bible in social sites, but it’s a great introduction and guide to those who want to know more about social websites and user behavior on the net. Enjoy!


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