Portfolio Categories: Design and School.

This gallery contains a mix of different designs I have made during different educations. There are exampels of illustrations, layout and webdesign that I have made myself or in collaboration with others.

1. Illustrations for a website project about the new part of Copenhagen called Ørestaden.
2. Suitcase illustrations for a project report about Sagaz Publishing.
3. Polar Bear illustration for a website project for The Copenhagen Zoo.
4. Icons for the new website for The Danish Vegetarian Society, which I also made and can be seen in this gallery as well.
5.  Layout of LP and single covers for a fictive band called Lama.
6. Postcards for promoting Berlin. The idea was that you can collect the 4 cards and have a map of the city + guides to what to experience in those parts.
7. A small artistic folder about some of the main attractions in Berlin.
8. My contribution to a cookbook (this was before I went vegetarian).
9. New design for The Danish Vegetarian Society website.
10. New design for Campus Køge website. Made in collaboration with 3 other students.
11. New design for The Danish Sailing Union website. Made in collaboration with 3 other students.
12. New website for Hairdresser Camilla Steen.