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In my time at Bravo Media I, among other things, made a website design for a client and a couple of suggestions for a redesign of Bravo Media’s own website.

The first one is a page for Kalle Flebbe, a body and mind therapist, that should have content about his therapy, the courses he provides and a blog.
On the picture above there is a mock-up of the frontpage (left) and a subpage (right). The colours are neutral and natural and the images are black and white. There’s also made space for video content, because the subject can be difficult to explain and requires a lot of text. In those cases videos are a great alternative. We also wanted to change the titles in the menu to make them more SEO friendly (not shown here).

The next one contains two suggestions for a redesign of Bravo Media’s website. Their current website contains a lot of stock photos and lack a great deal of personality.
At the same time I wanted to create a more conceptual visual identity throughout all of their communication channels, so I’ve used some of the same elements and colours as in the sales materials.